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when a guy is doing another guy in the ass, and then the guy thats getting piledrived in the ass farts, and the gassy vapors enter through the the other mans penis, causing the gassy shack effect.
john gased my shack good
by valor November 14, 2003
child Molester, one who prays on the innocent and weak, especially little boys under the age of eight. Drives a window-less van with duel sliding doors.
Little Johnny was walking home from school when he was abducted and molested by a cM that offered him candy.
by valor November 11, 2003
Combine a crap and a dump. It's basically the biggest kind of poop you can take. It was first said by a hispanic male who had too many burritos and a little too much salsa.
I haven't gone to the bathroom for DAYS! I gotta take a crump!
by Valor January 08, 2005

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