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A term for awesome.
The only difference is, zooba is fucking zooba.
Awesome just can't touch it. :)
Damn Kelly, you're so fucking zooba!
by Valencia Kreemy September 20, 2008
A new term for 'LOL'. Means laughing my cunt off.
Kelly - "LMAO!"
Arielle - " Don't you mean LMCO?"
by Valencia Kreemy September 20, 2008
A name given to someone when they take a huge hit of weed and puke the rest of the night.
Damn, Arielle was puking all night because she took to big of a hit on that pressure!
Yeah, thats why we call her pukey!
by Valencia Kreemy September 20, 2008
An area south of Gandy where there is nothing but rich white kids who think they are badass and ghetto but in all actuality they have never seen a ghetto in their life, so they should stay away from West or East Tampa, or they will most definately get shot up on the block. Fasho, Fasho.

Also home to Robinson High School who kicks out students for stupid things like stealing juiceboxes.
Hey, you want to go chill in Port Tampa? I heard that place was real ghetto.

Nigga! You should get yo shit slapped, that aint nothin but a bunch of fucking crackers! Lets go to East Tampa.
by Valencia Kreemy September 20, 2008

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