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It is a term New Yorkers use as "getting drunk" to use if you dont want any one knowing you are.. such as your parents:)
Hey Amy, lets go pick some flowers at Zeds house. That would be fun!!
by Val November 03, 2004
People who always sit at the counter in a trendy coffee house.
Zookeeper: Those two hippies are always at the counter staring blindly at the espresso machine!
Mike: Yeah, they are such counter monkeys.
by Val April 09, 2002
A complete and utter airhead, typically female. Common characteristics are constant hair-flipping, gum chewing, and an overabundance of flavored lip gloss.

AKA a "Valley Girl" or "Preppie".
"Like OMG, did you see that cuuuuuuute Von Dutch trucker hat on Paris Hilton?!?" I'm like totally buying one as soon as daddy gives me back my Visa, it's only like $50! Paris is like my idol! I totally wanna make a video like she did..." - stereotypical snackpie
by Val June 07, 2004
Informal soccer game played without a ball or net, usually with a rock, doorstop or other object found on the ground.
We played ghetto soccer while we waited for my sister to let us inside.
by Val July 05, 2003
Mothers against the music of kiss...
From the movie detroit rock city!
Jam that sucks that your is park of motmok because she burned our kiss tickes and we got fucked out of seeing kiss for the 3rd year in a row man!!!!!
by Val November 02, 2004
What a guy says when he is explaning how he is not like other guys. When a woman is told this she should run like hell!
"I'm not like other guys, I'm different" he said.

We say... B.S.
by Val April 13, 2004
A word for an attractive boy who possesses some feminine qualities.
That emo singer, Gerard, is such a foxypants.
by Val November 06, 2004

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