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Not fantastic; pretty crappy.
Chris - "I got rear ended on California Boulevard and was 20 minutes late to algorithms!"

Val - "Oh that's just craptastic!"
by Val January 10, 2002
v. To go scuba diving.
Allie went scuba-ing last week in Tahiti.
by Val October 28, 2001
Far from perfect; messed up
Nick used to have a janky car.
by Val October 26, 2001
like shiznick, but not. Desrcibing something cool, or could just be another way to say shit.
1. Dude, that was the shiznike!
2. Oh, shiznike, my foot!
by Val January 04, 2005
One person that everyone thinks is a gang, it is written all over schools and stalls in southern new hampshire
many people ask who is Zed$ and only few exclusive people get to know him personnaly and...
one of them is mee!
I KNOW ZED$ BITCH!! hes my friend
Who is Zed$ and why do i see it written all over?

I dont know who Zed$ is!! ;)
by Val November 02, 2004
Really large; both gigantic and enormous but smaller than gimongous
Fear Factor is a ginormous flop.
by Val November 04, 2001
A very smart guy invented this word cuz he thought it sounded good.
Normally, I'm afraid of spiders, but Bo's pant spider was very desirable.
by Val April 14, 2005

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