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Batels-Golub Method similar to Simplex Method of linear progrming
LU Decomposition of the matrix
by val July 19, 2004
What a guy says when he is explaning how he is not like other guys. When a woman is told this she should run like hell!
"I'm not like other guys, I'm different" he said.

We say... B.S.
by Val April 13, 2004
"and that" -used as a closer to every sentence
It destroyed it, mnat.
And the Missouri compromise destroyed the Northwest ordinance, mnat.
by Val December 08, 2003
The shorter, faster way of saying "It's crap."
Person 1: "What's this?"
Person 2: "tscrap!"
by Val October 22, 2001
A mentally retarded person with a small head that makes a soudn like this...

wtf is that sound? dude?
its the meep!! what the fuck?
by Val November 02, 2004
A pink godzilla is a woman who has had her heart broken by her ex, so for retaliation she then hits on all his best guy friends taking it as far as they are willing to go. She then feels like she "got him back" and feels like the heart break is over.
MAN: yo your ex just tried to get with me last night.
Man2: yeah me too.
Man3: well im glad i broke up with that hoe, shes a pink godzilla
by val August 21, 2003
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