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Slang for condom.

To be used with the term "Bees Wax" when talking about sex. When another "bee" term is used it is ok to use "suit" for short.
Hey man if your gonna get any of that bees wax you better where your bee suit.

by VTINE March 30, 2009
You were given an STD.

Used along side sexual "Bee" terms.
Dont mess with the queen bee or you'll get stung!
by VTINE March 30, 2009
This started as a slang term for sex at Matoaca High.
Example 1-
Guy1: Hey man!
Guy2: Hey man whats good? Hey you do anything this weekend?
Guy1: Yeah man i got me some of that bees wax!

by VTINE March 30, 2009
Slut; whore

Used alongside other sexual "bee" terms.
Dont get your stinger anywhere near her, thats the queen bee!
by VTINE March 30, 2009
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