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A small-ass town that no one cares about in Central Virginia. About 4 people actually live there, and the only reason anyone knows it exists is because there's matoaca high school, a garbage high school in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. Downtown (if you could even fucking count it as a town whatsoever) consists of a corner store, a church, and some houses. There is absolutely no indication that you are living any further than in the 1940's. The rest of the Matoaca area is a shitty mix of abandoned houses, houses that look like they are abandoned but aren't, and brand-new houses that totally contrast everything elseems around them. Chesdin Landing is about the only other thing worth noting, which is a rich neighborhood which consists of rich people who don't like to admit they're rich. The neighborhood also has a golf course, which is probably the only reason anyone would travel near this fuck-ass town. Anyone who currently lives here is either old as fuck or is young and can't wait to get the farthest they can from this shithole.
Realtor: "are you looking for a house in the Matoaca area?"

Customer: "Fuck no, I wouldn't live within 20 miles of that place."
by Nesh. March 15, 2017
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