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v. 1. to date a younger, stupider, less mature, less attractive, and/or in any way inferior person, just because they provide cheap, easy, yet only mildly satisfying carnal, intellectual and/or social engagement. 2. To have friendship with a younger, stupider, less mature, less attractive, and/or in any way inferior person because they are willing to submit to you. 3. To do anything not becoming of a person your age in some vanity fueled attempt to regain the days of yore a la John Updike's Rabbit or that thirty year old coke head at the bar.
essentially, to order off the kids' menu means you are the one at the dinner table eating chicken fingers and pbj while everyone else is diggin' into some white asparagus foie gras dumplings with bourbon gastrique. The bar is low and you're applauding yourself for your meagre every day hurdles. You are (were) a communications or journalism major. Your reading threshold is humor (The Onion!) and graphic novels, and the people your age discuss Foucault with such aplomb it makes you cry at night into your girlfriend's soft, shiny, pubescent, strawberry smelling hair. You dropped out of college years ago, listen to emotive yet angry -core suffixed tunes, and ride bikes with a bunch of college students aping The Outsiders. You mosh and you are over 18. You watch cartoons when you aren't high. You put up with slobs as long as they adore you. You are still having one night stands every weekend you get drunk. Everytime you go to a bar you black out and you've been drinking legally for at least 3 years. You work at Borders.
by VRB October 27, 2005
Something you say just before you vomit into your flip flops at 7:30 in the morning while on vacation. Or if you're unemployed.

Alternatively, something you might get tattooed on your forearm because you are so impressed with it's simplicity and insight into the human condition of being a hapless drunk in one's early twenties.

Caution: No one, in fact, parties everyday and lives forever.

Origin: Shandor, the Toronto raver crackhead, Nov 27, 2004 5:30 a.m.
My mom called while I was doing that keg stand. I swallowed and screamed into the phone, "PARTY EVERYDAY, LIVE FOREVER!" She hung up on me.
by VRB February 28, 2007
not to be confused with a bus down, which is a half smoked cigarette, a jailhouse short is a lit cigarette butt that would have been discarded had one not asked for it. on par with fishing butts out of an ashtray and relighting them.

comes from northeastern u.s. slang
Crackhead: "Can I get a cigarette?"
Guy: "Sorry, last one. You want this bus down?"
Crackhead: "Mothafucka, this ain't no bus down, this is a jailhouse short!"
by VRB January 18, 2006
A barely legal good-looking mongoloid you consider dating out of desperation or for temporary pleasure.

syn. Kids meal
"That's Jeff's first girlfriend in three years. Get this. She's a senior in high school."
"Yeah, she looks like a total happy meal."
by VRB October 27, 2005
Adj. An abbreviation of the classifieds/sales term "Or best offer". Used in the context of describing a man or woman who will take whatever he/she can get in the way of romantic companionship.
Melissa? She's a drunk with a lot of mileage on her. She's truly OBO.

Adam has slept with all of his friends' ex-girlfriends and now he's been hanging around that creepy, snaggletoothed, bettie page impersonator's house. Isn't she almost 50? Officially OBO.
by VRB February 28, 2007

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