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Short for "primitivist".
Primitivists have attached themselves to the anarchist movement, and use many of the major journals to warn "Leftists" of an inevitable ecological catastrophe that will kill 90% of humanity, and ensure the remaining 10% can live happily, cave-man stylee, without the fascist constraits of agriculture, language, and so on.
They recognise that real freedom is, evidently, nasty, brutish, and short.
The primi's full-colour glossy magazine told me I should live in the woods.
by VMC January 11, 2005
Short for "Spartacist" - a cult of Kim Il-Sung appologists that claim to be the only legitimate heirs to Leon Trotsky, and the vanguard of world revolution, forth-internationalist-stylee.
Sparts have a slightly discomforting obsession with abolishing "fascist" age-of-consent laws, and are occasionally shunned as some sort of Marxist-NAMBLA.
Silly Spart, I don't want a subscription to yr theoretical journal.
by VMC January 11, 2005
IM A TOWNIE ILL KICK YR ARSE TROUGH THE FUCJING WALL, this is an example of our great english culture...
all townies live in southend in shity flats with thier pissed mothers listening to thier 'phat' beats...

mission objective: destruction of townies...time starts now.
by VMC August 30, 2003
some weird-ass movie that starred a guy whos main line was 'right'...it sucked...
release the geek in you...
by VMC August 30, 2003
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