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When twins finish each others sentences and/or thoughts. It also can be used to describe shared feelings.
Me and my twin sister had twintuition the other day when she finished my joke.
#twins #intuition #psychic #siblings #zen
by Usul May 23, 2007
Roses sold at graduations, dance recitals, gas stations, or outside any other moment when flowers are given. The point being to take advantage of men who forget to buy them and gouge up the price. If identified as forgetful roses the problem is not solved but infact multiplied.
Man those forgetful roses are pretty expensive. Nothing says I love you like gas station flowers.
#roses #forgetful #graduation #relationship #love
by Usul June 12, 2007
An obease jogger. A fat jogger whom nothing can stop.
Look at that Joggernaut, don't get in his way he may trample you.
#jogger #juggarnaut #dreadnaught #x-men #obease #obeasity
by Usul June 12, 2007
A term coined by Demetri Martin a stand up comedian. Its his form of LOL since he never has laughed out loud at his computer, he just LQTM or laughs quietly to myself.
That is pretty funny loll.
#lol #demetri martin #laugh #internet #emoticon #laugh out loud
by Usul June 14, 2007
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