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a slang term for "good-bye"; can have multiple spellings and usages: poofers, poofas, poofpoof
aite~ imma go now.. poof!
by user May 04, 2003
A l33t clan founded for the advancement of the art of chatting and all things associated with it.
Wow, BCN is the coolest thing ever.
Wow I wish I was in BCN!
by User April 22, 2004
A paki with gujjy features who walks like an ass and has a kebab belly.
Sheeeet yo, that guy is such a mojjamil.
by User March 11, 2004
1. One incapable of cognitive thought
2. Jody Marty

Jody Marty IS a BoneHead
by User January 12, 2004
1:An abbreviation for the phrase:"We owned the other team"
2:A simple cry of joy
1:Woot, that was too easy.
2:I just got a new job, Woot!
by User January 12, 2004

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