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The skin on your elbow.
A real fun word to say and make fun of.
Hey Rachel will you touch my wenis?

Oh My God i think i broke my poor lil' wenis!!!

MY wenis is PURPLE!

Who wants to see my wenis!?

Is it normal to have hair growing on the end of your wenis?

I fell on the carpet now my wenis is burning i had to put some lotion on my wenis so it wouldnt burn
by UofL May 31, 2005
The king of Crunk, From Atlanta Dirty South pretty much was the first to say the word skeet in music
Damn Lil' Jon is so crunk i should just go to Atlanta and skeet all over
by UofL May 31, 2005
Because most men's weiners are so small, their wife's, girlfriends, etc.... Has to use a dildo to satisfy their sexual needs
My boyfriend's weiner is so small i have to use a dildo.
by UofL May 31, 2005
Lexington is gay....LOUISVILLE is better.
Go Cards
To live in Lexington is like Pulling off your Pubic Hairs One by One with tweezers. Yea it sucks that bad!!!
by UofL May 31, 2005

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