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Thi pronounced 'T' is a common vietnamese middle name for girls, it also means "poem"
thi is her middle name , tran thi thuy
by Unsweetened LoVerr January 18, 2008
abbreviation for too tired to live
whore|manwhore|HO says this and that

response is TTTL so stfu and stuff a muffin in it
by Unsweetened LoVerr February 13, 2008
when something is so hilarious it makes you lose your existing religious beliefs
That show was soooo funny!!It was holyhilarious!!!!!
by Unsweetened LoVerr February 07, 2008
means such talented evolving energy in smlang

Such Talented Evolving Energy

then it was like gimme a S! O! T!.......then I was like wow S.T.E.E....how can I ever forget such a joyous event of a lifetime
by Unsweetened LoVerr February 06, 2008
1)could be a asian guy
2)an asian vietnamese girl/gurl/woman/female whatever the hell you want to call it
3)means "orchid" for you so called smarties

some guy :oh, LAN, wooohoooo local area network, yipeeee!

ms.nobody- shut the hell up fool you stink
by Unsweetened LoVerr January 18, 2008
A tonal language thats not understood
low tone medium tone high pitched
LOUD tone angry tone excessively emotional
excessively unemotional
a.whats that language i hear?
b.oh thats smlang
c.sounds like a rang a tang
d.smlanggggggg!!!!! ha thats funnnnyyyyyy
by Unsweetened LoVerr February 05, 2008
angkhuc means you are a true blue friend in Vietnamese
a. may angkhuc khong? :)
b. ang ang nhieu lam 8]
c. mieng may thui~ qua! 8\
d. ha ha ha! phai roi~ mi den
by Unsweetened LoVerr February 07, 2008
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