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1) An object that catches one off guard by being out of place.

2) An exclamation of surprise from something "most unexpected."

Derived from a 1994 episode of The Tick animated series entitled "Heroes."

intr.v. roofpigged, roofpig·ging
Roofpig! Most unexpected!
by Unorigional November 15, 2004
One who is able to look at their own feces in the toilet, but won't look a person in the eye and tell them the truth. Usually applied to politicians.
That lying, beurocratic, shit-looker!
by Unorigional November 14, 2004
The Bill H of Button*Masher.
Bill*H can hook you up with B*Ms new CD, Too Cliche.
by Unorigional February 15, 2005
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