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Scuba diving term for the point where sunlight no longer penetrates the water.
We dove so far down, we reached the twilight zone.
by Unidyne December 14, 2003
A religious preacher, almost always Evangelical Christian, who preaches on paid television programs. The term is a fusion of "Television" and "Evangelist", and with recent scandals involving sexual and/or financial wrong-doings among televanngelists, the term has a negative influence.
The televangelist proclaimed that if you sent money to his ministry, God would reward you.
by Unidyne March 11, 2005
Combination of fan and zine. Often a low-budget or amateur publication devoted to the fan appreciation of a particular celebrety or musical act.
My cousin puts out an Elvis fanzine that she hands out at record swaps.
by unidyne November 25, 2003
A Republicanized name for French Toast (which was named after Joseph French, the American chef who invented it, and has nothing to do with France).
I don't care about your politics, you're an idiot for calling it "Freedom Toast"!
by unidyne November 25, 2003
A derogatory term for a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), especially one that is oversized.
Did you see that Cadillac Urban Assult Vehicle? Someone's got too much money!
by unidyne November 25, 2003
An unlicensed radio station, often broadcasting political or controvercial material. The term was coined in the 1960's with "Radio Caroline", which broadcasted from a ship just outside of British territorial waters. Today's pirate broadcasters often play dance music not normally heard on comercial stations, or are intended to provide entertainment or opinions outside the mainstream.
The pirate radio station broadcasted trance music into the early hours of the morning.
by Unidyne March 11, 2005
A gambler at a casino machine who is oblivious to his/her surroundings.
She's such a slot zombie that a fight broke out at the craps table behind her and she didn't even turn around.
by Unidyne March 11, 2005

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