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3 definitions by UnicornismForEverAndEver

Unicornism is the study of love, prayer, worship and respect towards all unicorns.
He studied Unicornism for five years at University before going to a mental instability clinic.
by UnicornismForEverAndEver July 03, 2011
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A unicorn believer and owner who gives some of their unicornistic powers to another mortal who has proven themselves worthy of the unicornistic lifestyle, religion and magic.
The unicornifying took place at the temple
by UnicornismForEverAndEver July 06, 2011
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Symi is the most amazing amazing amazing island in greece. It is located in the Dodecanese. There is a population of 2,606 people,as it is a very small island.Is is on the borer of turkey. It is very sunny. To get to the beaches, one must take a boat.
Symi is located on the border of Turkey
by UnicornismForEverAndEver July 14, 2011
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