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A slang word used by faux-elitist dickheads (usually christians) for people who smoke cannabis which is supposed to be an insult. But what they fail to realise is that it’s proven virtually harmless, (no worse than cigarettes or alcohol). These people are obviously not only ignorant, but also of particularly dull intellect. The best way of dealing with these people is taking a big rip from your bong and then proceed to blow it in their face.
I'm pretty fucking smashed.. I couldn't be bothered writing one right now.
by Undertow March 21, 2004
A small town in the middle of the Mojave Desert. More Desert Yeti and Mingers per capita than any city in America. If traveling in this region carry bologna. It is the only known substance more enticing to these creatures than the human male.
Male 1: Man, I stopped off in a bar in 29 Palms last night and was nearly accosted by Desert Yeti. Oh shit! Here they come again!
Male 2: Quick man, throw the bologna!
Male 1: Run!!!
by Undertow November 10, 2004
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