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!UPDATE! Multiple Desert Yeti have been spotted migrating from 29 Palms to Camp Pendleton California. The prognosis is bad as drunk Marines everywhere are making horrible decisions regarding these.... things.
Marine-"Hey baby whats your name?"
Desert Yeti-"(wookie noises)"
Marine-"Really? That's my mom's name. This liquor tells me to kiss you."
by LCplThompson March 11, 2009
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1) Homeless looking, nasty, smelly, fat ass ugly bitches in 29 Palms California who attempt to seek affection in a dark environment (a club or bar) and look like a Yeti in the light.
2) Warning!!! there are stories of these "Desert Yetis'" following around their prey and harrassing their victims by conversation or any other possible means.
Thompson!!! You know what I am talking about!!
by Big Yo October 07, 2003
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