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"Melunt" is the official term given to the act of having an entire watermelon trapped inside your vagina.

It has only happened 3 times in the history of existence.
Mrs. Raggleteets accepted little milk that Wednesday, making it apparent to all those at the compulsory brunch that she had been melunted by her late, great Husband, "Large George the Supposed King."
by Uncle Greeb December 22, 2003
To "samboo" yourself is to remove 42 hairs from your head, arrange them to spell "INK", and start chanting "We are one! We are one!"

It has only ever happened twice.
Yo mofo, Joey been sambooing dat doohicky up in the stubbles like a barnyard of health 'n shit, yo?
by Uncle Greeb December 22, 2003
Past tense of "slave".
She slove over the stove all day, but still Mr. Tuntingtop looked rather displeased by his so called "Jam Pie."
by Uncle Greeb December 22, 2003
A tiny centipede that lives in damp, wooden environments, possibly gay. Only one "singular" exists in the world, with a life span of seventy five thousand years. It lives in some shit country like Brazil.
"There is a singular on my newly woven gown of the night." Said Princess Nanny-Teets, whilst stabbing ALL the children.
by Uncle Greeb December 22, 2003
The act of agreeing to be eaten alive, penis first.
Dr. Jeek went zeeking up the creak.
by Uncle Greeb December 22, 2003
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