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Also known as The Law of Sod, this term refers to the global phenomenon of how something will go wrong just exactly when one most wants it to go right.
One example of Sod's Law: After weeks of flat seas, the surf turns perfect the day you drop (and break) your surfboard while moving it out of storage.
by Unanimous June 15, 2006
A rerun, usually of a television program.
I can't believe there's nothing on TV but dumb old summer repeats.
by Unanimous August 26, 2004
member of a organized crime family. refers mainly to mafioso and mobsters, the kind of guys that wear suits and if you ever ran your mouth theyd put a hole through your forehead. examples are scarface, al capone, bugsy moran, the purple gang (dont let their name fool you, they were powerful enough to keep al capone out of detroit, they sold smuggled booze 2 him), jon gotti. these were some of the most fearsome criminals in american history. gangster is not to be confused with the retards who call themselves gangstas. gangsters can be any colour, white, black, latino, asian etc. there is no racial boundary
"gangstas" such as Community Resources for an Independant People, or the crips, and Blood Love Overcomes Our Depressions, or the Bloods.
by unanimous February 17, 2005
to take a shit or a crap using slang
"I have to go and duck-it, see ya in ten"
by unanimous November 07, 2004
referring to someone being both an asshole and cock sucker
"Bob is such an ass-cock"
by unanimous November 07, 2004

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