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an old arabian name meaning "The one who holds perpetual sexiness" given to young men who are born with exceptional beauty. These men are talented in the arts, and are very outgoing. in other words, they always get the ladies.
see that dude over there with 129839082190 chicks? he's a hashim for sure.
by spacepants March 08, 2011
In Arabian, the name Hashim means- destroyer. The name Hashim orginated as an Arabian name. The name Hashim is most often used as a boy name or male name.

Means "crusher, breaker" in Arabic. This was the nickname of a great-grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad. He acquired this nickname because of his practice of crumbling bread and giving it to pilgrims.
where is hashim going?
by artkiller February 28, 2009
Slang term for money.

Derived from Hashim Amla

Pronounced hasheems
Want to come to the pub?
Nah, can't. I ain't got the hashims.
by billybowden April 26, 2011