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pretty self explanatory..
When someone shares information you didn't want to know, especially if the person is of the opposite sex. When a girl, who initially was turning you on, turns you off by, for example, giving you hand backwards or getting tired and giving up. Also used to express general disgust.
"Pete, dudeee... i heard about you and Francesca! How are things with a new buckfuddy??"
"Go on."
"Well Stef, everything was fine. She was giving me hand and then she kinda just... got tired, slowed down and kind of... stopped... it was kinda like losing power in the middle of a hockey game... what a boner-kill."
"I think I'm gonna cry."
by Ultimatejerk September 01, 2006
The only game that could ever make math class excentric.
Object of the game: Be the person to yell penis the loudest. One at a time, people whisper(then say/yell) penis. A referee is needed to judge whether the last person who said penis said it louder than the person before him, if not, he is eliminated and the game continues.
To be played in public areas.
Great at weddings, in the guy's locker room, the mall, class, and, of course, driver's ed.
Try it out, just start yelling penis.
by Ultimatejerk September 01, 2006

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