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The substance females develop under they're saggy breasts after not washing for long periods of time, a little like mold or the slime you get between your toes.
"put your bra back on, untill you get rid of that golk i'm not sucking on your nipples mom."
by Ugoindownsaka February 20, 2006
When you can see your gonna regret something that your gonna proceed in doing anyway.
"Man in future retrospect i should have worn a condom" in reference to seeing a squaddie mattress your about to chat up and bone.

In telling your friend over the phone you dont appeaciate the lack of support he gave over the non condom incident: "dude in future retrospect i should have slapped you harder"(next time you see him give him a slap thus confirming your future retrospect)
by Ugoindownsaka February 20, 2006
A would be over rated beer if it wasnt for the actual purchasing of the thing. Refined in 04 the art of pronouncing corona, in a way that will piss the barman right off.
"CCorOnaa" kind of as if your half samuel l. jackson in the negotiator("stop saying no motherfucker") and half jay from jay and silent bob("jungle love owe o ee o")

by Ugoindownsaka February 20, 2006

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