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A citizen of the United States of America whose culture and economic sustenance revolves around the expectation of receiving welfare, in all its various forms, to the extent that the individual has no intention of contributing to the economy by working.
Being a Welfarican, Jack voted for Obama because he considered it important for his future.

Jane, a thirty year-old Welfarican with eight children, drives a nice car.
by UD Reader March 12, 2011
When the judge sentences a convice to life in prison, but the sentence allows for parole or early release after a number of years.
Convicted murderer to public defender: "You did nothin' for me man... I'll spend my entire life in prison!"

Public defender to convicted murderer: "Chill dude, you'll be out in eight years... judge gave you a life-lie sentence!"
by UD Reader January 08, 2010
A very intelligent and accomplished person who does an extremely stupid thing which ruins his/her career.
My physics professor got caught plagiarizing from a grad student's research paper. What a spitzer!
by UD Reader July 10, 2008

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