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A venue in San Francisco where many decent bands play. I usually attend this venue for most of the metal shows, especially since The Pound closed.
Yeah, I'll be attending that Finntroll show at Slim's later this year.
by Tzeentch May 25, 2007
The only prayer any true warrior needs to know.

Mentioned in two songs by Manowar, one of the best bands out there.

This prayer also beats all other prayers, I think any hot woman would be aroused after hearing this in her bedroom.
The Warrior's Prayer

"Gods of war I call you
My sword is by my side
I seek a life of honor
Free from all false pride

I will crack the whip
With a bold mighty hail
Cover me with death
If I should ever fail

Glory, majesty, unity
Hail! Hail! Hail!"
by Tzeentch May 25, 2007
A place for those who were rejected from UCB/UCLA.
I was rejected from Cal and UCLA, but I was accepted into UCSD. Oh well.
by Tzeentch May 25, 2007
1) It is a long poem or narrative, usually glorifying a cultural hero of that time.

2) Nearly the best weapons any class could have in the Everquest series (although later expansions would have better items available).

3) A genre of movie that is similar to the first definition.
"The Illiad is an epic that revolves around Achilles and Hector of Troy or something."

"OMG my epic takes too long, I quit."

"Braveheart was quite a good epic!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
An MMORPG (what a generous term for this game) that involves countless hours of grinding. Makes Everquest look like a racing game in terms of advancement.

Mathematically speaking, one would have to kill approx 1.2k mobs to reach near the end of the leveling treadmill.
"Wow Lineage II sucks, I'm going to get some fresh air!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
A President that already served his/her first term.

It usually means that the President can focus on different things now since they know they have nothing to lose (usually).
"George W. Bush is a lame duck president now!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
A slang name given to a member of the secret kung-fu society "Heavenly Fists" during Qing (Ch'ing) China by Western folks.

They consisted of people who claimed to be impervious to bullets and pain, therefore the Empress Dowager allowed them to go on a rampage.

The British and others saw they were doing some weird "boxer" fighting movements, hence the name "Boxer".
"The Boxer Rebellion was pretty ineffective."
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
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