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Any object carved down to a point. known as a "shib."
Can be made out of simple things including toothbrushes, sticks, bedposts, rocks, and chicken bones.
When jerome's gat jamed during the turf war, he pulled out his nigger blade to stab the frontin gang.
by Tyronne Biggums November 05, 2006
A niggers momentum generated from grabbing testicles and swinging the end of your "white tee" back and forth as a pendulum. Making monkey sounds aka "rap music" is essential to gathering up speed.
Marquese made sounds to speed up his chicken walk to "hold down a perpetrator" for frontin.
by Tyronne Biggums November 05, 2006
The only known marijuana overdoses from less than 30 black people smoking a gram of pot steams and seeds. They start saying " IM FEEEEEELING IT DAWGS!" then have to go to the hospital but on the way get A Niggery pulled on them for their car radio and chain.
The biggest known Nigger overdose was when tyronne purchased a gram of weed for tree fiddy and shared it between a gang of 70.
by Tyronne Biggums November 05, 2006
3 or more niggers in the same place at the same time.
The NAACP is the largest gang on Earth.
by Tyronne Biggums November 05, 2006

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