9 definitions by Twocolorsocks

When a dude's telling You he totally and definetly wants to hook up again, but then never calls.
-He said he was gonna call on Saturday...
-Don't worry hon, he won't pull a Pat on ya!
by Twocolorsocks December 07, 2010
A person who knows what she doesn't want and does want .... and then goes after it!

She is very determined, has self-respect and is Not afraid to speak her mind.

In a Man these personality features may be correlated with leadership...

-However, in a Woman they are often defined as her being a Bitch.
Person 1: Why did you not do what you promised me?

Person 2: Stop being a bitch...

Ex. 2

Person 1: So I told her that she should mind her own business and respect other peoples decisions. I would Not tolerate it for one second!...

Person 2: Bitch, SOMEBODY had to tell that bitch! ; )
by Twocolorsocks November 09, 2011

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