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energy bars (i.e. powerbars, et al) which have the appearance of a turd.
'That poobar sure looks mighty delicious!'
by TwizeeK January 23, 2004
A bargain for a retard, i.e. thinking you got a deal when you've really been screwed. See "Car Dealerships"
Tard 1:"I just paid $5000 for this pinto!"
Tard 2:"Dude, you just got such a tardbargain..."
by TwizeeK January 23, 2004
Poogranite is all.
Hi poogranite. How the poogranite are you? POOGRANITE!
by TwizeeK January 23, 2004
A sweaty old perv who likes to finger his bung.
Hey Ark, get that finger out of your bung you old perv!
by TwizeeK January 23, 2004

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