26 definitions by Tweak

1. to break into smaller pieces
(i.e. : grinding marijuana buds)
2. to break into smaller portions for multiple users.
I had to break up the pot I bought today so i can roll it without a stem popping out.
by tweak August 18, 2003
The act of eating LSD and Bath Salts together, since for some drug users, just one is not enough. This is similar to candy flipping and hippie flip.
Dude lets get the hell out of this party before the dude that's zombie flipping starts eating someone's face.
by TWeaK July 06, 2012
suspicous activity at the house of one of the opposite sex
Alice couldn't come to our party because she was fixing guitars with Tom.
by tweak August 04, 2003
The future DICTATOR of the world. Also your coolest kid on the block. Will legalize drugs in the future and give free cable internet access to all.
Bow down to lei_dian for he is the savior of the world.
by tweak July 18, 2003
Korean english for play
paly plz..?!? ok ha.ha!
by Tweak June 03, 2003
Clearly pointless place where many people live, and most of them fuck chickens. There are more chickens than people and the mexicans outnumber the chickens but they dont count. Still with me? In other words, Ellijay is a place where all the fairies of the south come to live and are gay.
Ellijay is a really gay place to go and live.
by Tweak July 15, 2004
Thaaa coolest kid in south park
tweak is cool
by tweak July 18, 2003

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