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26 definitions by Tweak

n. a type of hideous retardation causing children at school to look like dinosaurs; a terrible abomination
v. to thrash violently and uncontrollably
(note: not associated with cerebral palsy)
(n.) Her palsy is so bad she looks inhuman
(v.) She palsied until she was removed from the stage.
by tweak April 09, 2003
10 23
Super elite Starcraft player that is bashed by newbies around the Bnet world just because he is 1000x better than them and has no time to play with weak fat people.
Tae-z is god.
by Tweak January 02, 2004
1 15
To "loot", was what the pirates did, and what u do when u find items in RPGs.
Diablo char: w00t nice loot.

Pirate after boarding a ship: Arrrr loot!
by Tweak June 03, 2003
36 55
An energy source in ur stomach. You let this go when you fart.
Use the force that is deeeep inside of you. Find it. Releease it.
by tweak July 18, 2003
10 35
The best free mmorpg ever.Gosu game!
I've been playing Mu Online for the last 10 hours. It is so gosu!
by Tweak February 22, 2005
17 44
the girl anime show ever.
you see panty shots of girls in sailor moon.
by tweak July 18, 2003
21 50
some one who is so emo that they r almost cool yet extremely gay
fuken emosaurus kids think they r so cool im gunna run over there dog and or girlfriend Okéi all joo n00berz, lîzten up. Fïrst öFf... Im teh Über pr0 pwnzér & knö Qüeztions a$ked, o0kay?? I pwnerêd all nöuberz fRom all lÄnd$ like Spiane---ïë.. and teh ßûlgariananic tRïbez and shiîz sô DÖNT ße mes2ën or joö'll hÄve knö heÄd ßïÄTÇH!!!11 Ökïe, seçondly ofF, dïs çlan- ïs alsö téh pwnzör l337 clan, an'd öur main spécïaltylizér is pwnzing n00bs leik joo. Okéii, and 4öuRth ÖFf, ïf, in âny such wây, jôo ïnzultz üs, joo will hÄvé t0 bé hëad-shoTtÉd ând will cO/\/\e homë fRöm schKöôl an"d Fïnd joÜ hâve n0 housë and only a pilë of n0üb ÄshEz. s0 FÜÇ|< 0Ff Joü FûKëm NoößS!
by TweAk March 20, 2005
16 47