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Used on messenger programs as a lazy way of typing ok.
devilfish says:
I'm not gonna b in college 2moro

twistedsistah says:

devilfish says:
kk? u kno ur 1 k off from being a racist bitch
by Turmi December 11, 2005
People that are well into the Harry Potter books and movies, constantly stringing off lines of it in front of others. They tend to be generally unpopular.
Harry Potter Freak: Can you tell me where platform 9 & 3/4 is please?

Some Dude: No, but I give you the directions that will tell you how to get the fuck outta my way.
by Turmi December 08, 2005
A slap that creates a loud WHAP sound. As seen on a webcomic called Sweet FA. Have a look on www.sweet-fa.tk and see if you can find one!
Luke: Hah! Told you you coudln't beat me at Super Mario Kart!

Johnson Jones: Shut yer trap before I whap slap you fool!

Luke: I'll be good.

In this example, Luke obviously knows the raw might that a whap slap can contain. Should this power ever be unleashed upon the world, anarchy shall reign supreme.
by Turmi January 06, 2006

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