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A white towel or cloth attached to the end of a stick.
When a defeated group of people wish to surrender peacefully they will raise the French flag.
by Tui_Pure3 September 25, 2011
The act of getting beaten by a loved one for a trivial reason.
Johnny maori'd Joanne after the All Blacks lost against South Africa.
by Tui_Pure3 August 19, 2011
Someone belonging to a small sheep herding community in New Zealand's north island.
Cassie the Tokoroan loved her sheep.
by Tui_Pure3 July 16, 2011
Do have been shagged by so many sheep that your behind begins to take on a dark shade of grey resembling tin.
Man: That tokoroan lad is a bit of a tin ass.
by Tui_Pure3 July 16, 2011
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