6 definitions by Tuff

Australian term meaning testicles
Flamin' eck!! That Roo just up 'n kicked me in the gangoolies.
by tuff August 17, 2003
A place found in Australia known to produce the finest in-bred children money can buy
"East Gimpie Fish 'n Chip shop, If you can kill it we can grill it!"
by tuff August 17, 2003
The opposite of "tuff" - it means something is gay, stupid, retarded or weak.
You drive a Honda Civic. That is not tuff. Hondas suck.
by Tuff November 09, 2003
a big lump of coke on the end of your nose the morning after a good night out.
I had a big phatt "coke boggie" when I was speaking to my mother this morning.
by Tuff April 08, 2006
Australian term meaning Telephone
I need to use the Dog n bone but that dick head wont get off!
by tuff August 17, 2003
When someone is verbally dismantled and defeated on the internet. See KASE for an example
Wow, KASE got wrecked again because he can't debate worth shit.
by Tuff November 11, 2003

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