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The thing annoying retards say when they think they're cool, or what they say when they don't feel like answering a question (usually followed by a high pitched voice screaming OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Guy: Duuuuude, hahahahaha, I watched a movie
Guy#2: I watched your MOM

Dude: What'd u have for lunch
Dude#2: YOUR MOM!!!!
by Truth Speaker May 01, 2004
what atheists hate
wow those atheists sure do hate the bible
by truth speaker February 19, 2005
Someone who gets aroused at the slightest thing. But unfortunatly cannot maintain an erection for more than four seconds. They tend to be people who shout out "porn" every time they see visable flesh other than the face. This happens because they are so sexually frustrated that they find even the slightest thing erotic.

Also see ben oldham Impotentand townie
Matthew: PORN!!

Normal person: Huh? its a picture of a duck.

Matthew: But it's so horny.

Abe: you Titanic boner.

Ben oldham: *cries* that offends me, what's wrong with horse rape?
by truth speaker December 08, 2004
A person who has their head so far up in the clouds that they actually believe their faggoty ass will ever be succesful by any means. Person can also persuade people around them into thinking they are not complete retarted losers by doing mediocre tasks and making them look difficult.
That delusional douche bag made a movie and all he did was use final cut pro on his mac and now he thinks he's going to Hollywood.
by Truth speaker February 17, 2012
A person who most usually is extremely paranoid about a male conspiracy to control women. More usual that not they are lesbians. They will only be happy when they have MORE rights than men(and actually they already do). Women only fight for "equal rights" about things that give them more rights. When was the last time you saw a women protesting about men getting much harsher sentences for beating their wife? A women can cry rape years after a consensual affair happens and the man will be arrested and charged(usually convicted). Feminists usually try to mask the real issues by claiming men want to control their bodies by making abortions illegal...yeah another human being really is part of their body right?
Last weekend I saw feminist protestors.
Of course they weren't wearing bras and were pretty unshaven and smelly. Hey if women like laying around in their own filth it's fine by me.
by Truth Speaker January 06, 2005
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