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Classified as the last conscious equipped Generation. Meaning they kind of got the way the world worked, and it's not neccessarily a 'We Are The World' place as many Gen Y parents and pop culture would have them believe. Tend to have a uniqueness about them that needs to be explained.

Defining trait is that they have characteristics of Gen X and so called Gen Y, yet do not really feel like they are part of either. Also remember the Pre-Information age society, Cold War, and the arrival of the Gulf War.

Statisticians usually start at '81 and atop at '85. Strongest alienation seems to be between '81 -'83. Is not regulated to years as this 'in limbo' feeling can go back as far as the late '70s. Seemingly making the original end dates of Gen X as the most accurate.

They might even take offense being called Cold Y and make up their own name.
"Cold Y Generation?" "What the fuck is that?"
by tRuNeTiV October 27, 2008
A diminished style of extension hi-fiving practically extinct coming from black people.

Involves the regular style of dapping, hi-five that black youth do except after 'fiving', someone says 'on the black hand side' and said particapants turn their palms to the outer side and five.

Denotes exclusivity, hence the name. Originated out of the black power and love movements of the '70s.
Might be considered corny by todays youth.
*Black adult* "What's up young blood!!" (proceeds to dap typical black youth of today)

*Black adult* "Now on the black hand side!!"

*Typical black youth of today* 'Blank stare' "O.K..." (slowly follows old schoolers lead)
by tRUnETIV October 28, 2008
Born leader simply put. A soul who was chosen by fate (seriously, do the math) to be a leader for black youth in so many ways, and change the world for the better.
Even though he epitomized every element of his character his potential was hindered by a tumultuous upbringing starting before he was even born.
He died young and his death is largely misconstrued.
In my eyes every black man/child/young adult who say they "respect" Tupac is supposed to stop the Thuggin, deadbeat daddy, woman disrespecting bullshit (check your women though), and recognize their purpose and potential as black men in America. Stop wasting time and start building. Constantly seek knowledge and the white mans game of wealth. (Yea the latter sucks and you got to be smart about it, hence knowledge) We don't live in anything close to a civilization. Live your life to the fullest, and be a real force in this world if you are that content in living in a country that is in direct contradiction to your spirit. You often have to help yourself before you can help others.

And that is pretty much the definition of TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR. All caps for you Agent Smith bitches.
What is the lesson of TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR?
by TruNetiv October 26, 2008
A young lady who seems to like discipline a bit more than most. Dresses up from time to time, but probably prefers a more dressed down style. Can kick ass, probably cook, and makes your average male wonder why he doesn't like rolling around in mud and fighting.

Pros| Friendly, scheduled, on point, potential to take orders, independent, low-maintenance, makes a good mother.

Cons| Obstinate, can be too busy, around alot of men, overbearing, not "lady like" when you want her to be.

Bottom line: The mindset is okay, keep her out the army!!
*Girl 1* "Why the hell is that girl walking like that?"

*Girl 2* "Oh Sheena?" "She's an army chick."

*Girl 1* "Ooohh...I still don't like her."
by trunetiv November 04, 2008

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