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Being incredibly tired from work or other tiring activities
"Dude I need some sleep cuz' I'm beat like rihanna
by Trogdaft June 11, 2009
A form of graffiti that only involves appealing flowing letters like calligraphy.
"Yo did you see the new throw up behind school, those letters look so nice it's practically calligraffiti."
by Trogdaft October 03, 2009
Any car purchased by a man suffering through a midlife crisis and uses a new car to hide his age, baldness, lack of being up-to-date, or all/some of the above.
"Heard Jim's dad got a new Mustang," "I heard the rogaine didn't cut it, so for his 40th he bought himself a Mid-life Chrysler."
by Trogdaft June 03, 2009
Being in contact with someone who helps inspire you to be more creative-minded.

Someone to bounce ideas off of.
-Hey what do you think of this.
-Change that because ______.
-Thanks, this is quite an effective inspirationalship.
by Trogdaft April 26, 2010
When two men both share that have both made out with the same girl. It can be an enjoyable endearing term.

Similar to Eskimo Brothers
"You made out with Jen too?!"
"That makes us Eskimo Cousins!"
(High-five takes place)
by Trogdaft November 09, 2009
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