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A form of graffiti that only involves appealing flowing letters like calligraphy.
"Yo did you see the new throw up behind school, those letters look so nice it's practically calligraffiti."
by Trogdaft October 03, 2009
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A term used to describe the essential beauty of contemporary wall art (graffiti) through the oxymoronic relationship between calligraphy (meaning decorative hand writing) and graffiti (meaning writing scribbled or scratched on something); fundamentally, graffiti is calligraphy.
Early graffiti artists such as Dondi were influential in turning calligraffiti into a well respected art form.
The calligraffiti on 5th Avenue extremely beautiful.
There is a debate on whether or not to teach calligraffiti as part of the art curriculum in schools.
by Geraldine Scholars October 22, 2014

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