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A non-alcoholic cocktail usually consisting of a mix of fruit juices.
"I'm driving so I'll have a mocktail."
by Trigger January 29, 2004
Rawkfist is the combination and bastardization of Rock Fist, which is the term used for Throwin Metal which is your forfinger straight up your pinky straight up and your other fingers down, with your thumb over them.
Thousand Foot Krutch - Rawkfist

"Throw up your RAWKFIST if you feel it when I drop this"
by Trigger August 05, 2004
Card game consisting of putting seven cards face down, then replacing the down-face cards with Ace-Seven (using cards from the deck) If one of the down cards you replace is a card you need, you can use it.
I won the garbage tourney.
by Trigger January 23, 2005
The product from water and cigarette butts in a container let to set for long period of time in a container such as an aquafina water bottle, or SOBE beverage bottle.
Aww shit, i just spilt nastyness all over your dorm room carpet.
by trigger February 18, 2004
Columbian neck-tie mafia. In syrcause new york cnm was down with all the bloods then when budha and big rob got arrested blood wanna bes n or even true bloods were acten pussy with no leaders. CNM is now the tuffest mother fuckers in syracuse made up of mostly hispanics
These bloods are acten pussy

shit nigga dont talk that shit cnm came up
by trigger March 04, 2005

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