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AKA cuban necklace mafia
cnm still runs shit, no matter what it stands for
by Big Robert December 14, 2004
CNM Candy Necklace Mafia, dont be fooled by the soft name, CNM runs shit, Northside Syracuse NY!
news reporter: 5 people are dead after the candy necklace mafia struck at a local seneca savings and loan...
by Big Robert October 24, 2004
Dallas Cowboy Fan
very sexy but won't admit it
hard worker but loves his video games
has an amazing voice
has the cutest butt EVER!
family oriented
married the luckiest girl alive
very sweet but doesn't listen very well
has a huge package and knows how to use it
The Love Of My Life
Crazy at times
has anger issues
whoa that guy is so hot.. hes such a CNM!..

look at that package its HUGE... must be a CNM package... man kassie is lucky
by K-ass DM June 03, 2011
Columbian neck-tie mafia. In syrcause new york cnm was down with all the bloods then when budha and big rob got arrested blood wanna bes n or even true bloods were acten pussy with no leaders. CNM is now the tuffest mother fuckers in syracuse made up of mostly hispanics
These bloods are acten pussy

shit nigga dont talk that shit cnm came up
by trigger March 04, 2005