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Homeland of the 'mane' six. Ruled by Princess Celestia, otherwise known as Tyrant Celestia.

The history of Equestria was given in the episode 'Hearth's Warming Eve' of MLP.
'Equestria's awesome!'
by TriariusTheThird January 08, 2012
Pinkie never leaves home without one.
'I never leave home without my party cannon!'
by TriariusTheThird January 07, 2012
Pinkie Pie wants one.
I want a floogle horn!
by TriariusTheThird November 13, 2012
The day on which ponies all over Equestria celebrate love, or in some regions, friendship.

Humans later copied the holiday, calling it 'Valentines Day', although so far it is widely agreed that it has failed to live up to the standards of the Equestrian holiday.
'Our teacher doesn't have a super special some-pony on hearts and hooves day?! We'd better get her one!!'
by TriariusTheThird February 14, 2012
The act of sketching sunshine.
Yuno: Hidamari Sketch is our homework.
by TriariusTheThird July 01, 2013

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