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st.gertrude's is exactly the same as any other private school in richmond except 4 the fact they got uniforms, other than that they all ugly ass muh fuckaz, rich ass snobby ass 2 cent crackwhores, and they all throw themselves at the brother schools, shut da hellup cuz im da onli 1 aloud 2 talk dis shyt!
Like oh my gosh, i go to like st.gertrudes and i really dont know why i hate those st.catherines girls but it might like umm be because like they're just like us!!
by Trey March 11, 2005
1) A three-point shot in basketball.
2) A card with three marks on it.
3) A dice roll of three.
4) A nerd.
Tom was poppin' the treys at the game last night.
by Trey April 20, 2004
stuff, shit, anything along those lines
man, why you talkin smack?
by trey February 28, 2005

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