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A phrase first coined by Trey that evolved in late 2000, the sound one makes when they are annoyed by a stupid person. An utterance of annoyance or lack of enthusiasm.
After reading a wanking/stupid post, all I had to say was 'duhr.'
by Trey February 26, 2004
Something with a purple head that slings yogurt, preferably white yogurt.
Whatch this babe!


by Trey December 09, 2003
God is a made up guy used to give hope to the people 2000 years ago. He was their way of explaining EVERYTHING.
God is a mythical being.
by Trey February 23, 2005
someone who lives in boston, goes to a boston school and supports the yankees for unprecedented reasons.
monica only watches the yankees because she thinks they're hot. (and her screen name is soccerchik...say something? i think so...)
by trey April 03, 2005
An omnipotent eternal gimp, having almost no bounds of gimpness
Man I wish I wasn't a fucking trader.
by Trey August 15, 2003
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