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38 definitions by Trey

the regular female normally very do-able(guy slang)
look at all them fine bitches
by trey November 28, 2003
A Southparkien pronunciation of terms which are not entirely exciting to repeat mmmkay.
Mr Mackey: Mmmkkay.
by Trey May 30, 2003
When somethings gnarley or crazy.
no way!!! thats triphoward.
by Trey February 04, 2004
someone you dont know who just looks stupid or acts stupid
look at that goofy nuts over there.
no i dont know that goofy nuts
by trey August 26, 2004
two words you say when you grab your crotch area and pull up
''look at them wheeeeeeels!'', buck-buck.
by trey August 26, 2004
When you stay in bed all day and do nothing. You just sleep and dream.
Damn nigger, my bitch went out all day to do shopping. I just did some bed riding and choke my big black cock.
by Trey April 02, 2004
if something is cool, its "Howie"
thats howied up. or thats howard, meaning its cool. A person can be called Howie if that person gains the respect of being cool.
by Trey February 04, 2004