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1) The male sex organ
2) A substitution for any other noun verb or adjective
1)Who wants to see my meat?
2)Hey you little meat you just meated all over my meat!
by Trey February 29, 2004
what kids with camera phones do in school
Jarad Morgon took a crazy upskirt shot of Jen Hunsinger
by Trey December 14, 2004
A boy's nickname that stands for "the third." Another form is Tripp.
Trey's full name is John Doe III.
by Trey December 27, 2003
1) Referenced from a Dr. John song, "Decidedly Bonnaroo," supposedly is Cajun for "great time" 2) an amazing music festival in the cow fields of Manchester, Tennessee held in mid-June since 2001. It brings the best jam bands, rock, jazz, blues, reggae, bluegrass, hip hop, and blues together with 90000 music fiends for a beautiful amalgamation of substance abuse, mud, and music.
"Bonnaroo is gonna be tight this year! Did you see the line up? Trey's playing!"
by Trey March 03, 2005
1. A school where a freshman is bilked for as much money as possible before being shuffled off campus - usually without any idea of where to live - should he DARE to stick around until he is an upperclassman.

2. A school where the people who run it waste money like gibbering jackasses.

3. A school that purchases several $2 million dollar tour busses for the basketball team - which they will then refuse to use.

4. A geographical location wherein the people who give parking violations and the personal servants of the Devil may or may not be the same people - the actual facts are still hotly debated.
"Where the hell am I gonna live next year as a UMCP senior?"

"UMCP spent how much on a tour bus?"

"Those hellspawn from UMCP parking services fucked me good!"
by Trey December 13, 2004
A large explosice rocket in the extreme likelyness of a cock that is shot from your pelvic area.

Used by super heroes.

Good sex toy for the girl who likes it rough.
Cock Rocket Away!
by Trey December 11, 2003
Exclamation of surprise, especially dismay or other non-favorable excitment (though not always)
Oh great merciful 'crapshit', my hand is stuck in the blender!
by Trey October 20, 2004

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