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43 definitions by Trent

To cup your balls and ejaculate into your face
I think i saw Tommy Puppy Cuppin, or Can I watch you Puppy Cup?
by Trent December 12, 2003
The sweet, sweet extractions from the female's genitalia. A very tastey substance that one craves, especially on a Sunday afternoon.
Tyler ate Kyle the slut's c-cheese without hesitation on the first heavily intoxicated night back at college. He was disappointed when he found out how rotten that c-cheese really was.

Jimmy, "I sure could go for some c-cheese on this b-e-a-utiful sunday afternoon.
by Trent August 29, 2005
to stab in the face, usually with a hand made object.
i lost my eye when that fuckin bitch shanked me with a spoon.
by trent March 18, 2004
a word used to express the time or date in which you will meet up and smoke a whole fucking shitload of marijuana with all of your friends.
Also a holiday held on April 20 where everyone in the worlds celebrates the fact that they are raging potheads.
Hey Waylon, Happy 420....see you at 420 to smoke that dizzank.
by Trent April 20, 2004
A made-up word defining the sometimes clunky and awkward sound of progressive metal.
Humanistic plays some high-quality Gronky-Doddle.
by Trent February 19, 2004
To take part in a boxing match with.
Let us box.
by Trent August 17, 2003
Meatloaf isn't yellow on the outside.
by Trent July 30, 2003