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I don't know what a lond is
I don't know what a lond is!
by SHOVE OFF October 07, 2004
A lond is a mix between a lake and a pond. Usually too small to be a lake but to large to call a pond.
Yesterday me and some of my buddies pirated the lond.
by Josh March 22, 2005
also 10ND or 10enD

1.expression of extreme joy
2.adjective cool, great, awesome, elefuntastic, etc.
"That's so lönd"
"That was a lönd game"
by Vollhorst October 16, 2004
"Lover of nigger dick" as created by Matt Starr
"Why, that bitch over there sure is a lond."
"Yes, she does love that nigger dick."
by cuttin up January 21, 2009
What a Blonde Fills out in forms, when she gets to the difficult question.
"Hair Colour"
Name: Mrs Gren
Sex: Yes
Adress: I live in a House
Hair Colour : lond
by DeadFish666 July 23, 2005
a lond is a person who goes to a show and gets right in the crowd and then gets pissed off and trys to fight everyone when they get pushed
Did you see the lond that tried to fight the big black man?
by beautiful loser February 14, 2005
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