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4 definitions by Trendall

It's not ok.
Tim: I'm sorry I shot your cat
Sarah: It's ok
by Trendall July 15, 2010
Why are you sad?
John: :(
Steve: :?(
John: My cat just got taken out by a sniper
by Trendall March 29, 2010
Used to describe an activity or situation that is crazy or outrageous.
John: I had nine cups of coffee yesterday. It was insanity on a stick.
Mike: If you think that's insanity on a stick, you should hear about my day. I nearly got eaten by a hyena, and then I got home and found out my cat had been shot. It was insanity on a stick.
John and Mike simultaneously: Insanity on a stick!
by Trendall July 11, 2011
Used to describe a person who is really needy.
Grace: Waaah my cat just got shot I really need you to comfort me.
Grace: I can't get through this without you.
Grace: Why aren't you replying?
Grace: Do you hate me?
Mortimer: Shut up you needpot.
by Trendall July 14, 2011