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"Mexican" pronounced wif a southern accent.
We dem thoed meskins out da dirty souf, Hataz want plex? What they, what they talmbout?
by Screwed up Texas April 21, 2004
Used in South Texas to describe a Mexican-American. Usually taken (by Mexican-Americans) to be pejorative and offensive, similar to the *N* word (but not as strong). Also, in the same way that blacks often call each other the "N" word in jest, I've heard young Mexican-American males call each other "meskin" (e.g. "what's up, meskin?) in jest.
(Spoken by a white): Those meskins are so lazy and dishonest.

(Spoken by a Mexican-American in reply to a white): Hey, we as a people find that word offensive. Please don't say "meskin" around me any more.
by Carey1234 October 16, 2011
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