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3 definitions by TreeTopFlyer

When you think a grossly overweight woman is hot. You unit starts dripping peckersnot at the site of a fat ho!
Philip thought the girl at the quickie mart was gumpalisious!! Her boobs hang so low he could suck them with his head in her lap.
by TreeTopFlyer October 29, 2004
11 4
A woman so damned ugly you chew your arm off not to wake her in the morning after a drunken night of sex.
Philip always brings home the most gumpaliscious possum ugly chicks. How gross!
by TreeTopFlyer November 22, 2005
6 4
to expose the inner workings of a process or financial books. Typically used in the Tech industry.
we are meeting with the Venture Capital partners tomorrow, it's time to open up the kimono.
by treetopflyer February 13, 2012
2 2