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Half of a waffle (duh) simply a waffle, just half of it.
Dude, I could go for a haffle right now.

Becca, pass me a haffle, but make sure you toast it.

Can we share this waffle? C'mon make it a haffle.
by TreeFitty August 19, 2013
An extremely rare feminine name that appeared out in the 21st century. No one knows how or why it came to be, but anywho. It can be described as an individual whose awesomeness grants serenity and world peace to the people on Earth. Kal's tend to remind everyone that they are always there to help them. There are a few Kal's on the planet and if you discover one, be prepared to give your utmost respect.
Today a woman carried 10 people out of a burning airplane just before it was shot to shit. Her name was Kal people. Remember it.
by TreeFitty August 23, 2013
The mix between HAHAHAH and LAWL. When both are combined it turns into the epic laughter of hawl. Pretty straightforward for people on the go.

As a verb, it is known as hawling.
HAWL! That was the best fucking joke ever!

HAWL OMFG! So fucking funny!

HAWL! That bitch broke her fucking ass!
by TreeFitty August 19, 2013

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